What are the documents required for import & export

April 04, 2022

In this article, we are going to have a look at all the necessary documents required for the import and export procedure to be completed successfully.
These import and export documents are essential to be kept in mind while importing or exporting goods.
Let us now see the list of import and export documents required. These documentations are categorized under 3 main categories. Let’s have a look.

1. Regulatory Documents

These documents are mainly required to provide to the law and order so as to provide evidence that the rules and regulations are met. These documents include:

  1. Inspection Certificates
    These certificates are mainly applicable for mechanical products, food items, etc. and are issued by the country that the products are being exported from.
  2. Sanitation or Health Certificate 
    These certificates are usually required for agricultural products to check the quality and standards of the arrived products. The inspection of the exported material is carried out at the importing country’s point of entry and hence, it beneficial if the documents are already ready.
  3. Information of Electronic Export
    This information is required in case of any product’s value exceeding a certain amount of value depending on the origin of the country.

2. Commercial Documents

These documents are the most and commonly used documents in most types of imports and exports.

  1. Bill of Exchange
    This document lists the figure of payment that one has paid to the other person
  2. Bill of Lading 
    An agreement between the owner of the goods and the courier company, it has the list of the destination, details of projects in the consignment and the source.
  3. Certificate of Insurance
    It is important to have an Insurance Certificate ready beforehand as there are chances of the goods being damaged in Import or Export.
  4. Packing List
    It is the list of items that is inside a particular parcel of Import and Export. This list at the Entry and exit point help to verify that the goods are transported successfully.
  5. Credit Letter
    It is a letter containing information and commitment to the total amount of details by the bank. This letter is generally required when the importer or exporter has no previous history of trading.

3. Customs Clearance Documents

These are the certifications granted by the Customs authorities based on specific parameters and guidelines.

  1. Origin Certificate
    The document issued by the authorities of the export country in order for the destination or import country to make sure the authenticity of the goods arrived.
  2. Export Shipping Bill 
    This is the document compulsorily required by the customs office to allow the export of shipments. The document preparation varies from country to country and hence must be prepared accordingly.
  3. Import License
    It is required depending on the types of goods being imported and can be skipped if you meet the rules and regulations and transport goods that do not come in the criteria of requiring an import license.One can take help of import export license consultant to get the license.